You hear people raving about having frizzy hair and how some of the anti-frizz hair serums have helped their hair a lot. Well, if you are thinking about getting something for your hair, we recommend you the best GC Nutrax Keratin Hair Serum because that is the ultimate hair product that will make all of your hair worries go away. 

It might seem intimidating to invest in a new hair serum and trust it with the health of your hair at first. So, let us explain to you if all the hype about this serum is worth it.

How Does a Hair Serum Help?

You might have used skin serums, just like those, this GC Nutrax keratin hair serum is carefully formulated with ingredients that will penetrate your hair and improve their health. All of your frizz will be gone, hair styling will be a lot easier and it will even protect your hair from the harsh environment. Just like oil provides nourishment for your hair and scalp, this keratin serum works on the surface and makes quick fixes as well as leave long term effects. If you are using a keratin hair serum, it can replace your conditioner and even the monthly trips to the hair salon. 

Benefits of Keratin Hair Serum 

  • Gives your hair a smooth and soft texture
  • Make them look shiny and silky
  • Your hair won’t be frizzy anymore 
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Detangles long hair
  • Protects your hair from the harsh environment, dirt, and pollution 

GC Nutrax hair serum benefits

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The Right Way To Use the GC Nutrax Keratin Hair Serum

Right Time to Apply The Serum

The main purpose of this keratin hair serum besides the damage repair is to protect them from all the pollution and dirt. If you want all the goodness incorporated well into your hair, apply the serum on freshly washed hair. In this way, it will add an extra protective layer.

Right Way to Apply the Serum

Dab the oil on the ends of your hair and go upwards. Only apply the serum till the midsection of the hair because applying it on the roots and scalp can make your hair look greasy. If you want to avoid that, just forget the roots. Tips of your hair need the most shine so make sure you apply the product there.

As we know hair serum has a thick consistency, we recommend you to keep the serum in your palm for 5-6 seconds so it gets the natural heat and softens up a bit so it glides smoothly on your hair. 

Right Amount of Product to Use

One mistake that people usually make is that they over apply the serum and instead of looking shiny and smooth, your hair will look oily and greasy. You only need a pea-sized amount for thin hair and a little more for thicker and drier hair. 

There is a myth that people with thin hair don’t need a serum, because if they do, all of their hair will fall out. Well, the fact is that anyone can use a serum, just make sure that you apply the right amount on your hair. Don’t apply too much.

right way to use hair serum gc nutrax keratin hair serum

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Is Hair Serum Necessary?

No matter what season it is, hair serum is an essential step in your hair care routine. When you wash your hair, shampoo exposes the cuticles of your hair and conditioners are not very effective in doing the job, so serum will be needed here. Especially, people who use heat on their hair must incorporate the GC Nutrax keratin hair serum in the routine as it will work as a heat protecting shield for your hair. 

Should You Use Hair Serum Daily?

We don’t recommend daily use of hair serum. You can apply the keratin hair serum after you wash your hair to give them all the protection they need. On the other hand, if you have extra frizzy, dry, and damaged hair, you can use the oil-based keratin hair serum on a daily basis. 

How to Fix Too Much Serum?

If you mistakenly apply too much serum, your hair will look oily. But, using dry shampoo can fix this problem. Or else, use a wide-tooth brush so that the product is evenly distributed in all of your hair.

Is Hair Oil and Hair Serum Different?

Both of them have the same texture but different functionality. Hair serum brings a gloss and shine to the hair, reduces frizz and protects from heat and other environmental factors. On the other hand, oil gets deep into the hair strand and restores the natural moisture. You can’t go out with oil on, but hair serum is perfect to be used when going out. 

This was all you need to know about hair serums. The reason that makes the GC Nutrax Keratin Hair Serum the best in the market is that it has all the essential components to do the job and keep your hair healthy at the same time.